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​Introducing Epicentre AI:

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Our homes and neighbourhoods, and businesses are increasingly equipped with smart doorbells and CCTV systems – technology that silently watches and records, providing a potent tool in crime prevention and detection.

EPICENTRE AI leverages this collective power of public vigilance and technological innovation, allowing us to reclaim control over our local security. It creates a cohesive network, a kind of digital neighbourhood watch, transforming everyone’s surveillance device into a critical part of a community-wide effort to deter crime and ensure justice.


Traditional methods of data collection have required officers to go door-to-door, manually requesting video footage, and painstakingly uploading it to a database. But today, we're excited to unveil Epicentre, a game-changing platform that will accelerate the investigation process and bring criminals to justice more efficiently than ever before.

With Epicentre AI, detectives can simply submit a line query via their mobile device right from the crime scene. Our advanced AI system then leaps into action, automatically requesting and uploading targeted video data from CCTV and other sources.

But that's just the beginning. Epicentre's cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning algorithms analyse and search the footage, rapidly outputting a probable route and location of a suspect, or multiple suspects.

By streamlining the evidence-gathering process and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Epicentre empowers law enforcement officers to focus on what they do best: solving crimes and keeping our communities safe.


Join us at Epicentre AI in revolutionising the future of crime investigations. Together, let's create a safer world for everyone.

Computer Vision

How computer vision works

Machine Learning

Computer vision of a shopping Mall
Computer vision in a street view tracking cars and people.

The Benefits

For the Police

  • Reduced resource requirement:


  • Efficient evidence collection:


  • Negative Sightings:


  • Double Opt-In Privacy Protection:


  • Scalable Solution:


  • Reduced Carbon Footprint for Policing:


  • Reduced Mental Stress

For the Public

  • Community Empowerment.


  • Faster Crime Resolution


  • Deterrence of Criminal Activity


  • Privacy Protection.


  • Reduced Burden on Law Enforcement:

Against the Criminals

  • Increased Risk of Identification and Capture.


  • Decreased Arrest Time:


  • Community-wide Vigilance:


  • Public Awareness:


  • Successful Prosecutions:

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